About the Artist

I’m Kerry, a Seattle Wedding Photographer born and raised in the lush PNW. I fell in love with photography at the young age of 10 with a camera that my grandfather gave me for Christmas. At first, I only shot nature and little things that inspired me but branched out to portraits and weddings once I reached my teens. Jump ahead several years later and I’ve shot gorgeous weddings all over Washington, Key West, Hawaii, Texas, and France. I shoot both digital and film, though I prefer film because it allows me to slow down and create a mood and a moment that looks and feels like poetry in motion.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can usually find me enjoying the outdoors with my amazing husband (married in 2012!) and my darling daughter, Evelyn. The love I receive from them inspires me on a daily basis to document the same kind of love I see when I meet new couples. One of my biggest passions, aside from photography, is traveling. Growing up, we always went on yearly trips to new places and I was the one with my nose pressed against the car window, eagerly taking it all it.

From France to England, Hawaii to Florida - I have yet to visit a destination I haven’t loved!

My Favorite Things

My Philosophy

I strive to create authentic moments and to tell
beautiful stories filled with light that will last beyond years,
into generations and for a lifetime.

I truly believe that a photograph is a worth a thousand words. How to best describe that feeling you get when you see your beloved for the first time in their wedding attire? There are simply not enough words to accurately express what we feel and that is why we have photos. These are little vessels of memories that will


be cherished in your home and your family, far surpassing the value of any other item in your home. After the vows are said, the cake is eaten and the sun has set on your wedding day, these will be the treasures that will last forever and I believe that every couple deserves to have their story told in the most luminescent and timeless way possible. 

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