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About the Artist

I am a seeker of light and a true romantic at heart.  I adore getting to know people through my lens, turning my clients lives into a narrative that will be handed down from generation to generation.  I truly believe that a photograph transcends time, shaping the way our story is told.  I believe in the power of a single photograph and it’s not something I take lightly.  My favorite image from my own wedding is a moment from our first dance where we are solely focused on each other. When I look back at that image I remember not just what it looked like, but what it felt like in that moment to be in his arms looking at my new husband, feeling like no one else was in the room.  My passion for photography stems from the ability to capture moments like this.  I love how utterly timeless an image can be. A great photograph doesn’t just freeze a moment in time, it creates a memory.  When the moment is long past, you can always remember the sights, sounds, and feelings of that day through the image.

A few of my favorite things

My Philosophy

I strive to create authentic moments and to tell
beautiful stories filled with light that will last beyond years,
into generations and for a lifetime.

I truly believe that a photograph is a worth a thousand words. How to best describe that feeling you get when you see your beloved for the first time in their wedding attire? There are simply not enough words to accurately express what we feel and that is why we have photos. These are little vessels of memories that will


be cherished in your home and your family, far surpassing the value of any other item in your home. After the vows are said, the cake is eaten and the sun has set on your wedding day, these will be the treasures that will last forever and I believe that every couple deserves to have their story told in the most luminescent and timeless way possible. 

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