Increase your audience using pinterest


How to increase your audience using pinterest

How I went from 30k to a little over 100k visitors in just 3 months on Pinterest.


Sounds too good to be true, am I right? But it was actually pretty easy to achieve. Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms but is barely tapped into by photographers and creative’s alike. While I just started tapping into it myself, I’ve gotten one wedding inquiry and my web traffic from Pinterest has quadrupled. I’m no expert when it comes to marketing, but to see these results in just a few months of on-and-off pinning is exciting and makes me even more eager to see how I can grow my business with Pinterest.
Sound intriguing? Here are my ten tips on how I grew my audience by nearly 260%!

Tip #1 – Separate your business and personal accounts

This is probably the most important tip. To be honest, no potential client of yours wants to see 600+ pins of Harry Potter, how deep your obsession is with Stranger Things or the meal plan that you’ll eventually get around to (not really). This is all about knowing your clientele and curating content especially for them. But hey, if the Harry Potter obsessed is your type of client, then, by all means, pin on!
Pro tip – don’t forget to sign up for a business account. This will enable the important analytics you’ll need to track how your profile is doing.

2. Know your audience

This is another important tip that goes hand in hand with the first tip. If you don’t know your audience, then how will you know what to pin? For example, my kinda gal is one who is planning her wedding (all my wedding related boards), loves to explore new places (travel boards), and enjoys reading, history, baking, and fashion. All of my boards are directly related to my clientele that I’m hoping to cater to. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to start boards about The Lord of the Rings and all things Disney.

3. Rename all your boards

This may make you sad like it did me, but this ties directly to people searching for inspiring content. In very rare cases will anyone search ” delishamush recipes ” (actual name of one of my personal boards). It’s important that your boards be named in a way that will show up in relevant searches. Sadly, titles like “j u s t  m a r r i e d”, while aesthetically pleasing, just don’t do the trick. Keep it simple and searchable.

4. Organize your boards

Do you have a board named ‘Weddings’ that you cram everything related weddings into? Yeah, don’t do that. Split it up into several different boards for ease of access to those who are searching through your profile. For example, my ‘bride’ board has three sub-boards named ‘the dress’, ‘the shoes’ and ‘the veil. Make it easy for viewers to find what they are searching for and they’ll love you for it.

5. Curate curate cuuurate

Go ahead and delete the pinterest boards that aren’t relevant or that you can combine (You can move up to 50 pins at a time to another board!) with other boards. This again goes back to tip #1. You want your profile looking clean and 100% on brand.

6. Pin your own content multiple times

Pinning your blog photos is crazy important, but a lot of people don’t think to pin them multiple times to multiple boards. Have a photo of a bride and groom walking together on the beach? That can go in boards ‘destination wedding’ as well as ‘bride and groom’. You want someone to see your images more than one time if they are going through your pins so that it stays in their mind. I’ve heard experts say to only post 20% of your own content, but if you look at Artifact Uprising’s pinterest page, just about every other photo links to their blog and they have nearly 6 MILLION  monthly viewers. So I don’t really believe that there is a limit to how many times you should pin your own images.

7. Pin ALL your blog photos

For the maximum viewers to your blog, you should be absolutely blogging most, if not all, of your images that you painstakingly posted on your blog. There are so many different categories of boards that these can fit in and the more boards you can pin your work to, the more eyes will see it. This means making sure that each photo that you blog is one that you would pin.

8. Caption Me Pretty-ish

This is something I’m still working on -this is the most important part of anything you can do in building your audience because these are the terms that pinners will be searching for. If you put “mai & daniel’s wedding”, then you’ll be certain that no one will see it. Instead, describe the photo in detail. For example, “kualoa ranch wedding, bridesmaids dresses, maxi bridesmaids dress, floral bridesmaids dresses, jenny yoo ” are fantastic captions. It describes the photo, what they’re wearing, who they’re wearing as the wedding location. For flowers, use colors, the types of flowers used and maybe the season. Get creative! Take advantage of hashtags as well – I haven’t seen these used as often so there is a better chance of your content being discovered.

9. Pin all the things

Start with at least 10 boards if you’re new and fill them up with at least 25-50 curated pins. Avoid pinning anything that has missing links or poor quality photos and aim for pinning a couple hours a week. My typical week consists of pinning a couple times a day with around 400-600 new pins a week. That’s not always the case though. There have been some weeks that have flown by without me even going on Pinterest, but since I put in the work the week before, people are still pinning from my boards.
If you have a hard time with it, just set a timer and try to pin as many quality pins as you can. Browse the discover tab and keep an eye on what’s trending – those are the pins that are being pinned and re-pinned dozens of times. Have you been featured on a wedding blog? Pin those photos, especially the photos that they have already added to their own Pinterest boards. These pins will be more popular than if you had posted it due to the amount of engagement that’s already happened on it.

A word of caution when on a pinning spree: don’t pin too many photos in a short amount of time. More than once I’ve been blocked from pinning because I was pinning too fast (don’t drink and pin, yall) and apparently that’s considered spam, haha!

PS. Small tip that I just thought of – add your top 3-5 favorite boards to your featured boards (a business account feature) starting with your own work to give a viewer a quick insight to who you are as an artist.

10. Don’t take it too seriously

All of these tips I have learned over the past three months is solely by analyzing what other top pinners are doing and mimicking it. It doesn’t take a lot of time to see results, just some set time to pin all the things your clientele would love in a strategic manner. Set some time aside one even and browse your favorite Pinterest accounts. Look at what they’re pinning, what their boards are like and read the captions. You can learn a lot from just doing this simple task!

Pinterest will always be, hands down, my favorite social platform. I can put in just a few hours of work on it a week and see results pretty quickly. I’m only in the beginning stages of it, so who knows where this will lead me. All I know is that it takes less work and stress than Instagram and is an invaluable source of inspiration to not only my clients but to my business as well. I hope this has given you a little bit of insight into growing your pinterest audience and gives you the motivation to start driving traffic to your blog!

Happy Pinning!


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