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Luttrellstown Castle: A Fairytale Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing the ideal venue for your wedding day, specially in Ireland, there’s a lot to consider. You want a place that not only captures the essence of your love story but also provides a romantic backdrop for your special day that is also accessible to guests flying in. Luttrellstown Castle, nestled in the heart of Ireland’s stunning countryside and yet not far from Dublin, is a venue that truly checks all the boxes for an enchanting wedding.

Luttrellstown Castle, a unique Irish Wedding venue near Dublin.

Luttrellstown Castle exudes grandeur and history.

With its roots dating back to the 15th century, the castle offers a sense of regal elegance that is hard to match. The charming and well-preserved architecture, along with the expansive lush gardens, creates a picture-perfect setting for your wedding day. The castle’s imposing facade, set against the backdrop of a pristine 567-acre estate, will transport you and your guests to a world of timeless romance.

Whether you dream of an intimate ceremony in one of the castle’s many rooms, a grand celebration in the marquee, or an outdoor exchange of vows in the castle gardens (weather permitting, of course), Luttrellstown Castle has a variety of settings to suit your unique vision. The castle’s experienced event team will work with you to tailor every detail to your preferences, ensuring your wedding day is a reflection of you as a couple.

Van Stry ballroom at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin Ireland

Luttrellstown Castle offers an exclusive experience for each couple. When you choose this venue, you’ll have the castle and its grounds all to yourself, allowing for an intimate and private celebration with your friends and loved ones. There’s no need to worry about other events or distractions on your special day.

Your wedding guests can enjoy a luxurious stay in the castle’s elegant guest rooms. The castle can accommodate up to 24 guests, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for your wedding party. Wake up in a castle fit for royalty, and relish the magic of your wedding weekend.

Luttrellstown Castle takes pride in its exquisite cuisine, with a team of talented chefs who create mouthwatering menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Your wedding feast will be a true culinary delight, leaving your guests with lasting memories of the exceptional reception dinner experience.

A birds eye view of Luttrellstown Castle, an Irish wedding venue near Dublin Ireland.

To sum it all up, Luttrellstown Castle is truly a dream wedding venue that offers a fairytale setting, exclusivity, luxurious accommodations, and culinary excellence. It’s a place where your love story can come to life, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. After all, not many can say that they were married in an authentic Irish castle!

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